Paul Neale

3D Technical Director & Trainer | 20 +  years industry experience


For over 2 decades, I have been recognized internationally by the 3D animation industry as a reliable and professional resource that delivers production proven results. As technical director and rigging specialist for clients worldwide, my work spans feature films, TV series, AAA game titles, broadcast television and tools development.

I specialize in technical direction, rigging and modeling, writing plug-ins and scripted tools for system, software, and production needs.

I've provided software training internationally, as well as conference (keynote) speaking at Siggraph, Autodesk University, GDC (Game Developers Conference), EUE (End User Event), Ubisoft Vancouver and others. My involvement in the 3D community stays current through college teaching, public speaking, and production work.


Read about my use of Infographics on Epic Games


for 3DS Max 2012 +



for 3DS Max 2012 +



Track Editor

Track Editor tool from PEN Productions

Track Editor: Getting Started

Getting Started Video for Track Editor with 3DS Max

Track Editor Demo 2

Track Editor allows for a fast and simple solution to editing many animatable tracks of animation at once.

Track Editor Animation

Animation features of Track Editor

Track Editor Modifiers

Track Editor Working with Modifiers

Track Editor Controllers

Working with Controllers in Track Editor

Track Editor Parameter Wires

Using Track Editor for Parameter Wires

Pose Saver Demo

Pose Saver is a tool by Paul Neale that makes it simple to save and reuse poses on any track or group of tracks of animation in 3DS Max.

Pose Saver Setup

Pose Saver is a tool created by Paul Neale that simplifies the process of storing poses on any track or groups of tracks of animation.