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Ogre Project:

Welcome to the Ogre Project. I will be documenting the progress on this character and keeping some record of the steps that I have taken to make it all work.   


The modeling has slowed for the moment at the current state. I have moved on to testing rigging and will get back to the model once I have a body rig working.

I used poly modeling for the character starting with a single poly between the eyes and using shift drag edge and several other methods I created the rest.

Facial Rigging:

Facial rigging for the ogre is being handled with two different methods. A blended morph target system and a bone based system. Both are working really well but I think that the bone based system is showing the most promis and will get more updates at this point.

Both facial rigging systems can be found on DVD #4 of the Intermediate Rigging Series at


Rig for this character will not be using any plugins at the moment. I want to see just how far I can take a rig and muscle system in Max. Multiple methods will be used to deform the skin and create realistic muscle deformations.

I am not attempting to make a real skin and muscle system but instead finding the best way to fake it for 99% of the work that you would ever do.