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Technical Paper:
Ogre Rig

Ogre rig and muscle system.

The muscle system was designed to aid in the deformations of the characters mesh allowing for muscle dynamics and better joint simulations.

A comp of all the layers of rig that are being used. Many of the layers can't been seen.

The muscle system and the animation rig as it sits now.

Reverse view of the muscle and animation rig.

Most of the bones that are running the rig. There are two completely seperate rigs, one for the animation and one for the skinning. This is a mix of both.

This is the set of bones and controls that the animator will be working with. It has a custom built spline IK system that gets around the problems with the built in spline IK, inverse foot set up with custom control panel. IK/FK arms and auto clavicles. There is still more to come on the animation portion of the rig as well.

This is the same set of bone above but they have been modeled to show the volume of the character so that the mesh doesn't need to be in the scene to have a good idea of how the character sits in the scene or if there are any major interections with parts of the body.

The bright yellow bones are stretchy with the spline IK spine and turn red when they have stretched more then a certain amount. This gives the animator a guild for keeping the volume.