Auto Material

PEN Auto Material:
Auto Material is designed to aid in adding a base material to objects by selection, scene or automatically on creation. Several game clients have complained that their exporters will not work if there are not maps on every object in the scene and would like a solution to adding material as the objects are created.

Installation:  Down load unpack and copy the scripts to the necessary folders.

Settings Menu: Option for resetting the whole UI to the default settings.

Wire Colour Group: Set the wire colour of the object or apply only the wire colour.

Use Material Definition Group: Choose if the material will be defined in the material editor, material library or the Auto Material UI.

Naming Group: Add a custom prefix to all materials with the ability to use the objects name as the root.

Material Editor Group: Choose to use the material from the selected slot in the material editor or a specific slot.

Material Library Group: Load the desired material library and choose the material to be used from it.

Basic Parameters: Setup the diffuse, specular and glossiness of the material.

Maps Group: Apply default maps to the material for diffuse, specular and bump. The maps can be turned on in the view port by default if needed.

Options Group:
Auto Apply:
 When on materials will automatically be applied to objects on creation.
Replace Existing: Will allow for replacing existing material with the default material when the scene or selection method is used for applying the materials.
Instance Material: Will apply one instanced material to all objects.
Add Maps to Existing: Use this if you want to add the default texture maps to existing standard materials.

Apply Group: Apply materials to the scene or a selection of objects manually.