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Quick Lesson on Trigonometry.
Max script tutorial on using Trigonometry has been added. This will get more updates in the near future.

Traditional Work.

PEN Helper has been released!
The all new customizable PEN Helper plugin is now avilable for download. Have you ever wanted a helper object that you could define the shape yourself? Here it is! Please visit down load page or the scripts page for other PEN tools and scripts.

New Tutorials April 14, 2008

These two tutorials cover how to create an IK / FK arm with twist bones in the upper and lower arm.

Blur Studios:
Eric Hulser, Tools Developer from Blur Studios has been working on a plugin to Max to make it possible to use Python from inside of Max. Here is what Eric has said about it.

"I just finished up the first version of this DLL for 3dsMax (still pretty rough) that we're going to start using here at Blur...pretty much it embeds python for use inside of MAXScript, opening up all the modules that exist in python directly. There are some example scripts on how its used, but its relatively simple - you import your module, and work with with it as if you were in python."

You can download the plugin here. And read more about it on cgtalk here.

PEN Reset XForm V:0.04 Beta NEW Update! Check the History

Designed to ease the task of resetting the transform matrix on scaled or mirrored objects.

Models that have had their transform matrix scaled by either using the scale tool at the object level or objects that have been mirrored using the Mirror tool in the main tool bar will exhibit strange behavior later in the pipe line. Scaling, especially non-uniform scaling will affect the children in a hierarchy, making them skew as they rotate. Modifiers like Skin will not work correctly as they are based off the object transform of the node that they have been added to. If the object transform has not been reset envelopes and mirroring will not work as expected.

Read more about it here.

  Batch It Max
Batch Processing Utility for 3DS Max

  Batch It Max is a batch processing tool similar to what is found in Photo Shop. Scripts are created that perform an action of series of actions and can then be run on multiple Max files.  

  PEN Productions Inc. Worked with Elliott Animation as their Senior Technical Director on the feature film Happily N'Ever After. HNA released to the theaters on January 5th of 2007. Elliott Animation was contracted by Berlin Film Company to handle a portion of the film. Five Companies world wide worked together with BFC to complete the film. More images on the 3D page.  

PEN Productions works with Key Frame Digital on VFX for The Dresdan Files.
Article at and Hollywood reporter Review


Key Frame Digital from Niagara Falls Canada has been working on the new TV series The Dresden Files creating ground breaking effects. Key Frame was in need of advanced character rigging to gain control of the Werewolf's and other characters that will be in the up coming episodes.
PEN Productions developed character rigs that were easy to animate and produced a high level of realism. Using dynamic muscles and advanced character deformation setups the digital actors merged seamlessly with the live action actors.



Key Frame Digital needed realistic character rigging while working with Mattel on Sony's Spiderman. PEN Productions setup Spiderman in record time to make the dead lines needed to ship the product before christmas 2006.

More images will be available soon.


Dynamic Car Rig

Technical Write up and features

PEN Productions announces the real time car rig for Max 8 and above. Once rigged into your car models you only have to add one or more ground objects and animated the position of the car. Steering, turning, dynamics and wheel rotation are all handled automatically as you move the car.

New features will be added soon including, real time skidding, correct arching of suspension and better handling of steep bumps in the terrain.

Custom systems can be created for any kind of vehicle to ease the strain on the animation process. Enquire about the car rig or a custom system at


PEN Productions works with Pseudo interactive on Full Auto 2

More images on the 3D page.

Pseudo Interactive, known for its ground breaking real time dynamics simulation work on Full Auto, embarked on the PS 3 port of Full Auto 2. PEN Productions was brought in to help speed the delivery of the garage set where the players build their dream car and make it battle ready.

The team at PEN Productions modeled and textured the set over a three week period under the guidance of modeling lead, Dave Feltham at Pseudo Interactive. Dave and his team then finished dressing the set with the cars, weapons and final touches ready for export to the proprietary game engine.

Working with companies like Pseudo Interactive is what PEN Productions Inc. does best. We are able to produce great results with a fast turn around and ease production schedules for our clients. You can contact PEN Productions Inc. at