Modeling Videos

3DS Max Procedural Rocks to Unreal with World Aligned Textures

In this video I create a procedural rock in 3DS Max and produce height and normal maps for use in building a read time shader in Unreal Engine 4 using WorldAlignedTexture and blending methods.

Procedural Rocks

Creating procedural rocks and scenes in 3DS Max

Procedural Mountain Range

How to create procedural mountains in 3DS Max

3DS Max Procedural Rope

Creating procedural rope in 3DS Max

Microphone Modeling

Modeling a microphone in 3DS Max

Procedural Berries in 3DS Max

This tutorial covers a simple and fast way to create a bowl of berries using procedural methods in 3DS Max.

Braided Cable

Modeling Braided Cable in 3DS Max

Lava Flow

Creating a Lava Flow in 3DS Max