Math Functions

Math Functions:

  • Extract local rotation function.
  • Hermite function.
  • Clamp Range function.

This is a set of Max Script functions that are to be loaded and globally and then called from other scripts or script controllers. Read the notes in the file for further help on usage for the scripts and what they do.

List of included scripts and how to access them via max script:

Local Rotation: 
–Returns the local eulerAngle value for any object passed to it based on any other objects in the scene.

Hermite Function:
-Returns a value from 0 to 1 based on a bezier curve that defaults to an ease out ease in. The curve can be adjusted with two inputs.

Clamp Range: 
-Converts any range to any other range and returns a float value. Pass the function an input value and the ranges that you want to convert from and to and the corresponding value will be returned. This will also invert ranges and values. Many possible uses. 

Unzip file and copy it to “3dsMaxX\stdPlugs\stdScripts” and restart Max.