Preset Manager


Drop this script in your script/startup or plugins folder and restart Max. Install the demo ini file (penPresetManager.ini) into your plugCfg folder.

Purpose:  Nodes and Modifiers in Max are added with default values that might not be the best options in every ones work flow. This tools allows for presets to be set for nodes and modifiers so that on creation the new preset values are used.



To edit the ini easily in Max type “presetManager.editIni()” in the Max script listener and press enter. This will open the ini file in the Max script editor.


To disable the presetManger.

presetManager.enable false

To enable the presetManger.

presetManager.enable true

Adds a preset to the INI file.

presetManager.addPreset “turboSmooth” “iterations” 2

In this example a preset for the TurboSmooth modifier is added called iterations.

The preset must be the class name of any given node or modifier. Use classOf to get the classes of existing modifiers and nodes.

Add another preset for the turboSmooth modifier.

presetManager.addPreset “turboSmooth” “isolineDisplay” true

Remove a preset from the INI file.

presetManager.removePreset “turboSmooth”

presetManager.removePreset “turboSmooth” propertyName:”isolineDisplay”

Removes the entire section string by class.

Removes a keyString by property name.