Control Objects

Control Objects
Creates custom spline control objects for rigging characters and other objects. Add the macros to your favorite quad or button bar and drag and drop these controls to place and size them. Due to limitations in creating scripted shape plugins these objects don’t have any parameters to size them after creation. Use XForm modifier to size after creation.

Down Load File: 
Icon file: Thanks to Onyeibo for creating the icons.

Installation: Copy the .ms file to your 3dsMaxX\stdPlugs\stdScripts folder and the .mcr to the 3dsMaxX\ui\macroscripts folder and restart Max. You will find them in PEN_ControlObjects category. Copy the Icons to the UI/Icons folder. I have not set up the macros to use them as of yet so you will have to do this your self.

These are drag and drop spline objects. Because of the limitations with scripted spline plugins they do not have their own class or parameters. How ever they make it very easy to setup controls for your animation rigs.