Mirror Objects

Mirror Objects: This script allows for mirroring objects in the same manner as the bone mirror tool.

 Installation: Place the PEN_MirrorObjects.mcr in the Macro scripts folder and the in the plugins folder.


Mirror Axis: This is the axis that you will be mirroring about.

Flip Axis: The axis to flip. Bone Mirroring doesn’t allow flipping the X as it always needs to point down the bone.


XYZ: Select which axes to offset and their amounts.


Parent: Will select the parents of the current objects selected.

1St Child: Will select the first child of the objects selected. Objects can have more then one child so this make sure that only the first is selected.

Select All Children: Selects all the children of objects selected.


Align To: Select an object or a group of objects and then use the Align To pick button and the offset values to align a group of objects to another with an offset rotation.

Mirror Options:

Mirror To Self: Mirrors a single object using its own transform matrix.

Pick Mirror Center Node: Choose an object to act as the pivot point for the mirror operation. Note that Mirror Axis and Flip Axis are relative to the Mirror Node.

Mirror To World Axis: Clears any selected object that was picked with the Pick Mirror Center Node button.


Type: Select if you want to create copies, instances or references of objects selected.

Create Mirror Objects: Pressing this button will create mirror objects of the selection.
NOTE: I have never got around to making this respect hierarchies so the new objects will not be linked even if the original selection is. Maybe I will get to this at some point as it drives me nuts as well.

Mirror Objects:

Mirror Objects: The way the tool is designed to work is that you pick two objects in order or\ any number of objects in order. The order is mirror from to mirror to. There must be an equal number of objects selected. So the mirroring would act as follows using the selected objects in this order.
The idea is that object 2 will use the transform of object 1 to find its mirrored value.
If Mirror To Self is checked then a group of objects will mirror them selves.