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Bio Shock Trailer:
The Bio Shock Trailer was created by New Yorks Eyeball NYC for 2K Games with the help of PEN Productions for the character rigging.

Watch the full trailer here:

 Bouncer, one of the main characters from Bio Shock created by 2K Games.
Boncer was an interesting character to rig because of the limitations in his movement due to the large metal diving bell around his upper torso. Puppet Shop by Lumonix was used by request from the client as they had experience with it and needed to get this job done in a timely manner. PEN Productions customized the Puppet Shop rig by adding muscle bones and controls for hands.

 Protagonist, he goes up agaist Bouncer and does't fair all that well in the trailer.
Protagonist was fairly stright forward to setup. A basic biped with extra bones and deformation systems to handle the clothing. Two levels of deformation were used to simplfy the process by using Skin Wrap in 3DS Max to ensure all layes of the mesh deformed at the same rate.

Rosie again was a difficult character to deform as she is wearing many layers of fairly ridgid clothing and diving apparatus. Again Skin Wrap was used to ease the complexity of skinning and the pipes from the helmet had built in dynamics with the ability to ramp off the dynamics or animate on top of them to get the exact results that the animator wanted.