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Dead Space
Dead Space 2008 / No Known Survivors
Character Rig:

Using a generic character mesh provided by Stuart Simms and his team, Felipe Nogueira of PEN Productions created a character rig with IK/FK arms and legs, a focus lock head and used PEN Attribute Holder to create a pose capture system for the hands. Once the rig was delivered the team at Stuart Simms was able to wrap different clothing options and accessories to the character to generate more. This saved valuable time in the production.

Simple muscle setups were used to help with the deformations in the shoulders, chest and back as well as the biceps to try and get a more realistic feel to the movement of the character.

Controlling the character was a set of scripted plugins that has now been updated to use the latest .net user interface controls and data systems.

A custom animation layering system is also incorporated into the system, allowing animators to blend animation layers across the whole character or to test animations on a layer and then be able to delete or blend it off if it wasn't needed.

Animation layers could be added or deleted at any time during the animation cycle. Since the whole system works on the base list controller system in Max it can be customized by TD's with sub layers or custom layers on specific character parts.

The IK/FK systems on the arms and legs were also equipped with an IK/FK matching option to make setting up a blend from one to the other easier. Lots of other additional tools were added to the characters to allow animation freedom to practice their craft and not spend time fighting with a rig.

You can read more about the project at Joe Gunns site @

Watch the directors cut.