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Robin Hood
Hatch Animation / Robin Hood:
Hatch Studios was founded by Torontos award winning Richard Rosenman. After catapulting Red Rover Studios to the top of the commercial 3D market Richard moved out on his own and built Hatch Studios. At Hatch, Richard acts as Animation Director creating some of the most eye catching 3D commercials on the market.

Hatch Studios contacted PEN Productions to create character rigs for the forth in a series of Robin Hood commercials featuring Andrew and Elizabeth after winning a prize at the county fair. Richard created the first four while at Red Rover and continues the series of commercials at Hatch. PEN Productions created three rigs for this commercial that included dynamically driven pony tails on Elizabeth and blended facial animation system for all the characters.

Here are four still images from the commercial as well as the final product. To read more about the production visit