2K Games – Bioshock


Paul Neale was contacted on three separate occasions to work on the Bioshock series. First time was for a New York based company to create the character rigs for the Bioshock 1 game trailer.

The second time was by 2K Games, not knowing that work had already been done for them via a third party Paul was requested to develop character rigs for all in game characters as well as a motion capture pipeline that would allow the custom character rigs to convert marker data directly in 3DS Max to custom character controls that understood how they were part of an over all rig. 

The third time was by an LA company that inquired if it was possible to make game rigs motion capture ready, after further digging it was discovered that it was the very rigs that were created for 2K Games. This company didn’t go on to make the trailer.

The rigs were created with a unique custom control system called RAIC that could be made aware of what it’s purpose in the rig was and how it was to interact with motion capture data as well as custom animation from the animation team. This system was developed by Paul Neale for the first time for Bioshock 2.

Bioshock 1 Trailer

Bioshock 2 Trailer

Big Sister character rig converting marker data real time in 3DS Max

Ryan facial animation system

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