Clone on Spline is an MCG modifier that clones an object along a spline as well as project it to a surface.

3DS Max Scripts

A free script designed to make any animation tracks easily accessible. Great for character animators and TD’s.

A free scripted plugin for saving poses on a group of tracks.

Place this modifier in the stack and add custom attributes to it. Has allot of extra tools for saving poses and keying all attributes.

Allows for automatic addition of a default material. This can happen on creation of the object or the user can force the material on scene or a selection of objects. 
Updated to V:1.41 Now supports material editor and material library.

Batch processing utility for Max. Works in Max four and above.
Creates drag and drop spline control objects for use in character rigging.
Finds modifiers in the scene by class. This script is quite old and I believe there are others out there that do the same and more.
PEN Helper is a customizable helper object. Any Mesh or Poly object can be used as the helper objects mesh and can be saved for later use.
  • Extract local rotation function.
  • Hermite function.
  • Clamp Range function.
Maya like grouping tools that uses point helpers for the groups.
Mirrors objects like the mirror bone tool.
Gives the user the ability to save presets for nodes and modifiers so that on creation they use the presets. An example would be to always have Turbo Smooth added with the iterations set to 2 and isolineDisplay set to true.

A collection of small utilities to aid in doing all kinds of things. Best to read each Macro script header in the file for an idea of what they all do.
Eases the task of finding and resetting the Xform on many objects. Lots of options.
Has allot of tools for dealing with list controllers as well as working with controllers and their dialogs.

Set tracks to be keyable by type in one button push. Great for locking out tracks before animation begins.

Sets the out of range types for position/rotation/scale on all selected objects.

Various tools to be used with the Skin modifier.

Sets all the display settings for points helpers to off and remembers their settings when they are turned on again. Used for cleaning up rigs so animators don’t see all the extra nodes.

Auto Select Modifiers

Allows for watermarking the Max viewport for demos and screen grabs or Camtasias.